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Andrew Young - Junior Analyst Programmer

I have worked at Hermes as a Junior Analyst Programmer for the past 6 months, working on a number of new developments and providing support and maintenance to the existing systems.

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As a recent graduate in the Information Services department I have the opportunity to broaden my skill-set and face new challenges every day, with great support from my team and managers. The induction into the company was very thorough, helping me to understand the business processes behind the systems we are implementing and maintaining. I chose to join Hermes due to a friendly, can-do atmosphere, impressive portfolio of clients and their ambitious plans for growth and continued success in the future.

Donna Kay - Senior Clerk – Warrington

I am a Senior Clerk at the new Warrington hub and I have been in this role for 11 weeks. I chose to work for Hermes as they are a large company that are growing and winning contracts with all the major online companies in the UK.

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On a daily basis my colleague and I raise all the purchase orders for the hub, check casual hours, set up and maintain reports on excel and archive manifests. I enjoy working as part of the Warrington team. With regards to my role, I enjoy all aspects as no two days are the same.

Richard Glenn - Financial Analyst

I have been working for Hermes at our head office in Morley in the finance department for six months as Information Analyst. Prior to this, I have worked in several Finance departments in various industry sectors. I graduated from Leeds Met Uni in 2004 with a 2:1 degree in Accounting & Finance.

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My day to day responsibilities include assisting in the production of management accounts and timely completion of month end procedures.

I find my tasks varied and interesting and fundamental to my progress towards professional accounting qualifications. Study support is provided for me, the terms of which I find extremely generous and provide a clear representation of Hermes’ interest in my personal development.

Hermes satisfies all my needs as an employee. I feel secure in my role, I have faith in the company’s potential for success and I find all my colleagues to be helpful, approachable and friendly.

I feel privileged to be working for a company with a culture that creates such an enjoyable working environment and I am looking forward to a fulfilling career with Hermes.

Barry Mills - Night Operations Manager

I have enjoyed my time within Hermes over the past 3 years. I have always been given support from my colleagues at the depot in Dunstable and from my manager.

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This has enabled me to achieve a promotion within my short time at Hermes as the company always seeks to promote from within by providing relevant training courses. I am responsible for a team of 26 warehouse operatives. As a shift we process between 18000 – 30000 parcels on a nightly basis which is always challenging as this needs to be completed under a tight timeline. Each shift within the depot works together as a team to process each parcel to ensure customer satisfaction.

Besnik Hoxha - Night Loader

I have been working as a Night Loader and have recently been upgraded as a temporary Chargehand. It has been great working for Hermes because there is good team work and a challenging experience.

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Hermes has always given opportunities to its own staff and helps individuals develop their skills within the company. I have always been a fan of Hermes moving forward within the parcel delivery industry. I am happy working for Hermes and see myself working for the company for many years to come.

Mohammed Khan - Technical Service Engineer, IS Department

Being a technical service engineer for a company that is rapidly growing was one of the main reasons I joined Hermes six months ago. As this role was new to the company, this gave me the opportunity to be flexible and creative at the same time.

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I have since tailored the role which can vary on a day to day basis involving managing network issues as well as setting up IT infrastructure in new depots which has provided me with the opportunity to travel and meet new people across the business. It also provided me with the opportunity to work closely with the contact centre to implement features such as call monitoring and call recording. Working with Hermes allows me to be part of a very successful team where everyone is friendly, helpful and easy to talk to. Hermes is a company which has allowed me to maximize my potential and has provided full support for personal development even in this current climate.

Ken Clarke - Transport Supervisor

I have worked for Hermes for approx 2 and a half years based at the Hub in Nuneaton as a transport supervisor. Every day brings new challenges and no 2 days are ever the same. I work as part of a small team of seven people so teamwork is key to making it happen.

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I control and organise a fleet of 48 LGV units and close to 80 drivers, ensuring customer collections are achieved on time and depot deliveries are done to very tight time scales. The role has given me opportunities to develop a great rapport with both the Hub warehouse staff and Hermes delivery depot staff; I feel they are just an extension of the team in Nuneaton.

The role has also allowed me a lot of interaction with Hermes customers - it's great to go home with a feeling of achievement.

Julie Geary - Contact Centre Team Manager

I joined Hermes in March 2011 where my role is Contact Centre Team Manager. I had worked for another part of the Otto group for a number of years and was always satisfied with the exceptional service I received from my colleagues at Hermes Customer Services.

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I now manage two teams; one deals with our courier network and the other with our ever increasing C2C (customer to customer) business where we strive to provide outstanding customer service to all of our customers.

My main duty is to lead, coach, develop and support my team and this is the part I feel is the most rewarding. It gives me great satisfaction to see a member of my team develop. Hermes always recognises this and actively encourages staff to grasp the many opportunities there are to progress within Hermes.

Whilst I have only been with Hermes for a short time it is evident this is a forward thinking company that constantly looks for opportunities to grow the business. I am proud to work for such a successful company who shares its achievements with its employees and actively seeks feedback from all staff to ensure everybody feels part of the team.

Faisal Rehmen

I work in the Customer Services team at the Head Office in Morley. I have worked here for just under five years and enjoy every minute of it.

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One of the many things I enjoy about working her is the people who work here with me, from the management right down to the staff. In the past five years I have had the opportunity to work in a number of different roles within the department including a secondment role as a team coordinator, which I am very proud of. We are a fast growing company and since I have been here I’ve seen a great amount of progress. I currently work as a dedicated Customer Service Advocates for one of our largest clients. Our aim is to provide the best possible customer service to our client and their customers to ensure a long lasting relationship with them. In the future this will benefit and help the growth of Hermes.

Rita Adigun - Customer Service Advocate

My concept of a company worth working for is a company which values its customers and employees, constantly taking advantage of opportunities in all aspects of the business. The longer I work for Hermes the more these concepts are portrayed.

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On a daily basis I communicate with customers, clients and couriers to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the whole delivery process. As I am an extrovert I enjoy communicating and constantly helping others and being recognised for doing so. Whilst being at Hermes I have had the opportunity to utilise certain aspects of My Business Management Degree such as decision making, marketing and prioritising work. I know the opportunity is there for me to progress and as soon as the right opportunity arises I shall take it, knowing Hermes will support me all the way as best they can. Working at Hermes has made me feel like part of a family, knowing that if I ever need help others will help no matter their level of authority. In my current role as a Customer Advocate for one of our large clients, I have been given the opportunity to work with people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Been given responsibility of certain tasks, and had an insight into all aspects of the delivery process.

Simon Walsh - Non LGV Driver, Peterborough Depot

I chose to join Hermes as I had been made redundant from my previous employment and began work with a local agency who provided staff for Hermes. I worked as an agency driver for three months, during this time I was impressed with the company’s professionalism and the friendliness of the staff.

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I enjoyed the work and was struck by the terms and conditions offered to employees. Therefore when a position became available I applied for permanent employment with Hermes.

On a daily basis I undertake a variety of tasks. My primary role is that of Non LGV Driver which involves delivery of products to couriers, usually within a 100 km radius of our Peterborough depot. I am also the depot trainer which entails training other employees, including delivering the induction and site tour to all new employees, training in manual handling, fuel efficiency and completing driving assessments. I am also the depot health & safety advisor which involves carrying out risk assessments, safe working practices and assisting in the day to day safety of the depot.

The most enjoyable part of my job is the amount of variety it involves. It enables me to experience the differing roles that make up the business and to meet the people who perform those roles.

During my time at Hermes I have learnt about the elements that make up the Hermes business model and met many different people in varying positions within the company. I have furthered my knowledge and experience via training courses promoted by the company. I have had instruction in, the elements necessary to perform my role as a depot trainer, the IOSH Managing Safely course and the first three parts of the drivers Certificate of Professional Competency.

I have been in my current role for four years and have increasingly felt a part of the Hermes family. During this period the company has gone through many changes and has developed to be one of the leaders in our industry. I believe Hermes offers a fantastic career path for potential employees and new graduates as it is innovative, constantly evolving, has a variety of career opportunities and is not so large it has lost sight of the importance of its staff.

George Stammer - Driver. Portbury Depot.

As a driver my main duties are to deliver parcels to local couriers on a daily bases across the South West of England. I carry out between 10 to15 drops per day, including some collections, depending on the round I do.

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I find the job very rewarding, and think Hermes is an excellent company to work for! I have received lots of valuable training, especially in my second role which is a Depot Trainer. Hermes has their own driving school who have put me through my class 2 and class1 h.g.v. driving test. Hermes have also offered me some valuable and interesting courses, which I have successfully completed. I look forward to the future being a part of Hermes.